Discovering God's calling with delight!


We cordially invite you to our next, the 14th, annual missionary conference, addressed to all dedicated Christians to whom God has placed effective evangelization to heart with the commission of disciple-making of our contemporaries.

Changing times means changing methods for reaching out, but the message of the Holy Scriptures remains our unquestionable foundation.

Through the ministry of (Looking for God), we reach thousands of people in search of direction and meaning in life. Our methods may be innovative but still need constant improvement, one of the topics to be discussed, among other things. So much fantastic news awaits us!

Time for fellowship, discussion, testimonies, worship and prayer is planned, not to mention opportunities to build personal relationships and friendships.

The ministry is expanding into other languages. Within the past few months, staff and volunteers have created the English platform and the Ukrainian platform The conference will therefore be conducted in three languages.

We are expecting many interesting guests:
Eric Celerier - the founder of the platform who is currently the European coordinator of "The Chosen" project, and
Oliver Raper - a pastor and evangelist, director of the Christian Vision organization.

An important part of the program will be the presentation of a new tool for evangelization, the TV series "The Chosen", which is to appear on Polish Television (TVP) soon. We expect millions of viewers to be redirected into home groups organized by churches, renewal movements, Christian organizations and the courses platform.
It will be beyond wonderful! You cannot miss it!

Conference organizer: DEOrecordings, Wisła

...To be close to Jesus

...To become a fisher of men

...To be light in the darkness

...He chose us in Him before the creation of the world, to be holy and blameless in His sight in love.

Eph. 1: 4


Eric Célérier, pastor, innovator and internet evangelist based near Paris, France, is the author of the Miracles Every Day project. One of the pioneers of online evangelism, he founded (1999), the world largest network focused on online evangelism and discipleship! currently operates in 33 languages ​​and unites over 60 Christian organizations. is the Polish version of the website. Eric also created, the most popular French-language Christian website in the world.


Oliver Raper is a pastor and evangelist who was born in Cape Town and grew up in Johannesburg. He studied at the theological seminary of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM). Oliver moved to Cape Town in 2003 as regional director of Christian Vision. Oliver and Brigitte led a team whose online ministry has made it possible to reach hundreds of thousands of people with the Gospel. In April 2018, they moved back to the UK, where Oliver took over as director of Christian Vision UK and Europe.


You can download the full conference program by clicking on the link below: "Download the program".

Download the program

Inspirational lectures

Eric Célérier will guide us through the main sessions. His lectures blaze with encouragement, embedded in the truths of God's Word. All this with a side of French warmth and exceptional humour.

Time for worship

Run by the ever-enthusiastic CZEŚĆ! team!

Contemporay tools

Practical, hands-on equipping for ministry.

Training for the e-Coaches
and for candidates

An additional optional training for the e-Coaches and for e-Coach candidates. More information coming soon.


Millions of people in the world know this series The Chosen, "… in which Jesus is real". At the post-conference, we will present tools that will aid in using The Chosen film series as a tool for personal evangelism.

Building a relationship

We are a Family! Each conference provides ample opportunity for building close relationships during discussions, meals, coffee breaks and integration times.

Download the program

The cost and organizational information

Hotel Stok, Wisła, ul. Jawornik 52a
Date: 26-28 of August
Start: Friday at 15:00 (including pre-conference)
Finish: Sunday at 15:00 (including post-conference)

Pre-conference: Friday, 15:00-18:00
Post-conference: Sunday, 13:00 - 15:00

Conference costs:

Price includes accommodation, meals, coffee breaks, conference materials and some hotel attractions, like swimming pool.
The cost of participation in the conference:
- 250 Euro (stay in a double room)
- 350 Euro (stay in a single room)

Time to rest in the heart of the Beskids

We are hosting the conference for the third time at the fantastic Hotel Stok (, located in Wisła, South Poland, the heart of the Silesian mountains – the Beskids. Nearest airports: Katowice - Pyrzowice, Krakow - Balice. We provide transport to and from the airport. Longer stays possible -- spend extra time together!

Hotel Stok in beautiful Wisła

Conference Szukając Boga 2021

Many surprises during the conference

Lots of hotel attractions to use